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As we age, having our affairs in order is more important than ever. And I’m not just talking about our own personal affairs, but those of our parents and children, too. Many boomers are now caring for aging parents, which requires knowledge of all their medical conditions, prescriptions, allergies and more. If we’re lucky, this information is recorded somewhere, but too often it’s not.

Plus, as our kids leave for college, we must be able to manage their healthcare from afar. Even though we try to equip them to be self-sufficient and use good judgment, they’re still college students who may not be as organized as they should be, especially if a medical emergency arises. Plus, the ability to share a student’s healthcare information — even with parents — is often limited due to of HIPAA regulations.

The Difference between Life and Death

In the case of a medical emergency, having important details readily available to medical professionals can be the difference between life and death. An innocent drug prescription can be lethal when taken in conjunction with other medications. It has been reported that Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) seriously injure up to 2 million hospitalized patients and cause over 106,000 deaths annually. In most cases, doctors simply lack the medical information they need to treat their patients.

The Solution: The ICE Key

This portable, easy-to-use USB flash drive goes right on a keychain. In a medical emergency, first responders are trained to look for the acronym ICE (In Case of Emergency), ensuring that medical professionals will have the information they need to make life-saving decisions.

Simply input important medical information on the PDF forms pre-loaded on the ICE key. This is not only critical to nurses and doctors but can also allow them to communicate directly with you as the person to contact in case of an emergency involving a parent or child.

Get a FREE ICE Key

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