Having easy access to important healthcare and financial documents is critical, especially in an emergency. Snow Creek makes these valuable tools available to our clients at no charge.

ICE KeyThe ICE Key – In Case of an Emergency

This portable, easy-to-use USB flash drive goes right on your keychain. Simply fill out the pre-loaded PDF forms to capture your important medical information. In a medical emergency, first responders are trained to look for the acronym ICE (In Case of Emergency), ensuring that doctors will have the information they need to make life-saving medical decisions.

SafeHaven Kit

The SafeHaven Kit is perfect for organizing your important documents— emergency contacts, living will, durable power of attorney, list of prescription medications, health insurance information, bank accounts and more. The kit includes hanging folders organized by category; forms to capture medical, financial and personal information; and instructions and checklists to help you get organized. NOTE: The SafeHaven Kit does not include a fireproof safe. We suggest you choose a reasonably priced portable safe that accommodates file folders.